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Case Study£ºmacmillan and Grunski Consulting - 3589 Words

Introductory Overview The group project, Macmillan and Grunski Consulting, consists of two sections. The first part explains the case about discounted cash flow analysis, by answering the given nine questions. The second part discusses the retirement planning. #61607; Case Study Sandra Macmillan, one of the founders of Macmillan and Grunski Consulting which provides financial planning services, is now giving a short project to Mary Somkin, the firm ¡Ã‚ ¯s top secretary. If she can successfully demonstrate her ability and skill of discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, one of the most important concepts in financial planning, she can expand her role in the firm and broaden her job opportunity. The project was an actual analysis for†¦show more content†¦b) c) With a same $18,000 investment, in order to earn $35,000 after 6 years, how the nominal interest rates of the First National Bank differ if coumpounded annually, semiannually, quarterly and daily? Known factors Solution: iN= n*[(FV/PV)not;1/(n*6) - 1] FV=$35,000 PV=$18,000 N=6 year Sub-Question n= Compounding frequency: a) 1 (Annual) EAR = ($35,000/$18,000)not;1/6 - 1=11.72% b) 2 (Semiannual) EAR =2* [($35,000/$18,000)not;1/(2*6) - 1]=11.40% 4 (Quarterly) EAR = 4*[($35,000/$18,000)not;1/(4*6) - 1]=11.24%% 365 (Daily) EAR = 365*[($35,000/$18,000)not;1/(365*6) - 1]=11.08% Implication: with same other factors, the nearer compounding frequency to + ¡ÃƒÅ¾, the smaller change in interest rate. Big difference occurs when nominal interate rates are compounded annually and quarterly. Question 5 Ordinary annuity The option mentioned in Q4 is to make one initial investment at the beginning of Year 1. The alternative to be discussed in question 5 is different. (a) According to this new plan, the investment is divided into six equal installment paid annually. As the equal payments are made at each period, this type of investment is regarded as an Ordinary Annuity. (b)(c) In these two questions, the interest is compounded

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The Issue Of Gun Control Essay - 2091 Words

President Obama said at a press conference held in response to another mass shooting in Oregon on October 01, 2015 â€Å"The solution to such violence is obvious. It cannot be this easy for somebody who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun† (Simple Minded Gun Control). Despite how obvious the president said the solution is, the fact remains that gun control is still a controversial issue today. The reason why this has attracted so much attention is because not everyone is in favor of gun control and each side brings up excellent points about the issue. Research related to this issue strongly supports the claim that there SHOULD be more gun control laws. The first task I will complete in this research paper is clearing up any misconceptions about Gun Control and all the terminologies I will use. Followed by my three arguments that prove this position which are (1) Incidents like Sandy Hook or Oregon will be less likely to occur (2) It reduces t he high rates of accidental deaths and (3) As the years pass by and technology updates the laws should be up to date as well. Members from the National Rifles Association state that No law-abiding American should be forced to face evil with empty hands. I say I agree with President Obama there SHOULD be more gun control laws because it should not be as easy as it is for someone who wants to inflict harm on others to get their hands on a weapon. Allow me to first clear up anyShow MoreRelatedGun Issue And Gun Control1401 Words   |  6 PagesUniversity, Gun Politics has been a course I have aspired to take. While many enroll in such a course looking for an escape from the â€Å"collegiate liberal echo chamber† or as an outlet for their conservative agendas, I saw the class as an â€Å"entrance to the dark side.† My views on guns prior to the class were, I would call, polarized yet uninformed. In most of my discussions, I would cite the Australian 1996 Na tional Firearms Agreement as precedent for how American politicians should approach the gun issueRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control Essay1646 Words   |  7 Pagessomebody who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun.† (Simple Minded Gun Control). Gun control is a controversial issue worldwide. The reason why this has attracted so much attention is because not everyone is in favor of gun control and each side brings up excellent points about the issue. Research related to this issue strongly supports the claim that there SHOULD be more gun control laws. Three arguments that prove this position are (1) Incidents like Sandy HookRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control1489 Words   |  6 Pagessplit on the issue of gun control. We have seen many violent shootings and innocent people dying because of gun violence. Some Americans believe we need strict gun laws to protect our children and ourselves from these horrific tragedies. Other Americans believes it i s our rights as Americans to posses’ guns and we are entitled to that right in our constitution. There are also some Americans that are stuck in the middle and can see both sides but recent events have definitely caused this issue to be inRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control1031 Words   |  5 Pagesintegrate them in a way that will trigger a new viewpoint on the subject. Gun control is something that should be enforced across the world in order to save lives. In the United States there is a ratio of 88.8 guns per one hundred persons ( Those numbers award us with the highest total per capita number in the world. With that amount of firepower there needs to be an efficient way to regulate who exactly can purchase a gun. Since 1791 when the second amendment was ratified there have beenRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control1705 Words   |  7 Pagesaway without preface or reason. All someone needs to do is pull the trigger. In today’s world, guns are far too acce ssible to the people of society. We hear in the news, stories of mass shootings, homicides, and suicides; most of which are caused by the activation of a gun. A hot-button issue, gun control is one of the most debated topics in American politics. Should we, or should we not, be able to own guns? Although it infringes on the Second Amendment that provides the right to bear arms, this amendmentRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control951 Words   |  4 PagesGun control has been a big topic for the past decade in the united states. These debates will rise and fall time in and time out after something horrific happens in the state. Anti-Gun supporters do not realize that it is extremely difficult to regulate something in the states that is a big portion of our economy.Would stricter gun laws change anything? So far statistically It has been proven otherwise one must consider how a citizen would defend themselves when they are faced with terror. How willRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control929 Wor ds   |  4 PagesGun Control Getting arrested yesterday was not the highlight of my week. I was hungry; so I went to Wal-Mart get some charcoal, lighter fluid, and steak. I put the charcoal in the grill and the lighter fluid on the coals. I got a little lighter fluid on my arm, but I didn’t pay it much attention. I lit the match and threw it on the coals. I looked down and my sleeve was on fire. I was waving my arm in the air, trying to put it out. Then here they come the police pulled in and tackled me to theRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control1552 Words   |  7 PagesThe issue of gun is always controversial. Firearm can be used as defending or an assaulting weapon. In United States, firearm increase the rate of homicide, suicide and gun violence, which can harm and murder people. Moreover, taking away people’s gun will not work effectively because the murder and criminal will find another ways to get guns. Also, the black market will appear for the people who cannot get guns from regulated market s. In addition, if regulated guns are banned, murderers may useRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control1678 Words   |  7 PagesJanuary 2014 The 2nd Amendment Over the past few years, the issue of gun control has been widely discussed. You surely have heard the phrase, â€Å"Guns don’t kill people, people kill people† uttered and i wholeheartedly support this statement. It is important to treat guns responsibly so they do not end up in the wrong hands. I believe gun control violates our inalienable rights. Another piece of our liberty will surely be taken away if guns are banned, and socialism and totalitarianism will be rightRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control1208 Words   |  5 PagesWill Christopherson Traverson English 2 1 March 2017 Gun Control The United States has 88.8 guns per 100 people, or about 270,000,000 guns, which is the highest total and per capita number across the globe. The current public gun control debate in the United States seems to be placed on standby until it is sparked up by a major mass shooting. There were at least 126 mass shootings between January 2000 and July 2014.(pro). Opponents of more gun laws accuse supporters of using a horrific event to further

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Disproportionate Minority Contact - 739 Words

Disproportionate Minority Contact Minority youth are disproportionately represented throughout juvenile justice systems in nearly every state in the nation. Disproportionate minority contact (DMC) in juvenile justice occurs when minority youth come into contact with the system at a higher rate than their white counterparts. African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Pacific Islanders and Native Americans comprise a combined one-third of the nations youth population. Yet they account for over two-thirds of the youth in secure juvenile facilities (Armour Hammond, 2009). Armour and Hammond (2009) point to an assortment of explanations that have emerged for the disproportionate treatment of minorities including jurisdictional issues, certain police practices, punitive juvenile crime legislation of the 1990s, and perceived racial bias in the system. Often the outcome of criminal allegations can depend on the jurisdiction in which the youth is processed according to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). Research indicates cases adjudicated in urban areas are more likely to result in harsher results than similar cases adjudicated in non-urban areas. Another contributing factor may come from the geographic effect. Minority populations are concentrated in urban areas; this may work to over represent minorities in the juvenile justice system. Another contributing factor related to urbanization is the location and visibility of minority youth crimes.Show MoreRelatedEssay about Disproportionate Minority Contact1071 Words   |   5 Pages What then explains the disproportionate minority contact that occurs and the disparate treatment within the prosecutor’s office? Although police and prosecutors may contend that discrimination does not occur within their agency but that does not mean discrimination doesn’t occur. The facts show that minorities are targeted much more than whites. There are many factors that contribute to this. I don’t believe it is any one agency that specifically targets minorities but rather the criminalRead MoreDisproportionate Minority Contact ( Dmc ) Is A Phenomenon That Occurs Within The Criminal Justice System Essay1923 Words   |  8 Pages Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) is a phenomenon that occurs within the criminal justice system. DMC is exhibited through the high percentages of minority contact statistically when compared to predictions that are based on the minority populations within certain communities. DMC is even prevalent in the juvenile justice system that has been created here in America. Disproportionate minority contact is a national, state and local issue that has been discussed for years. The government hasRead MoreWorking As A Juvenile Supervision Officer For The Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation Department1350 Words   |  6 PagesFort Bend County Juvenile Probation Department, I come in contact with a lot of juvenile offenders. What I have notice during my tenure is that the majority of the juveniles I see are minorities, African- American, Hispanic and Asian young men and women. According to The Sentencing Project, â€Å"In 2010, African Americans comprised 17 percent of all juveniles, but 31 percent of all arrests.† Do juveniles of color commit crimes and come in contact with authorities more often than white juveniles? UnderstandingRead MoreImmigration Has Increased Through Out The Years And President Trump1139 Words   |  5 Pagesof race† (p3). I identify myself as a Hispanic because I was raised in Honduras, the heart of Central America, and I understand the climax that immigrants from these countries attempt to flee from. Thus, my interest in exploring more in depth the contact that Hispanic youth have with the Juvenile Justice system. Hockenberry and Puzzanchera (2016) based themselves on sample data reported to the National Juvenile Court Data Archive from more than 1,200 counties with jurisdiction over 75% of the U.SRead MoreMinority Minorities And The Juvenile Justice System900 Words   |  4 PagesDisproportionate Minority Contact Minority children are exposed to the juvenile justice system at a higher percentage than their white peers. Minority children are over represented at every level of the judicial process. Minority children are more likely to be charged, detained, and confined. The proportion of minorities increases as each level becomes more restrictive. Research also indicates that minority children receive harsher treatment than Caucasian children do. Minority children are moreRead MoreThe Juvenile Justice System Is Not Reflective Of Their National Population1612 Words   |  7 PagesThis is a problem because the overrepresentation of minorities within the juvenile justice system is not reflective of their national population percentages. Nationally, Latino and African American youth only comprise 38% of the total juvenile population combined, while Caucasian youth alone represent the majority of the population with 56% (The Census Bureau, 2010). Though various studies have been able to affirm the overrepresentation of minority youth within the juvenile justice system (GolzariRead MoreThe Uniform Crime Reporting System Essay1525 Words   |  7 Pagesrelationships of the overrepresentation of minorities in crime statics and if the results are biased based on race. There is a debate regarding the accuracy of the statistics provided by official data resources such as UCR and NIBRS in regards to racial disparities. The fact that racial or social class bias does have an impact on what crimes are reported and the neighborhoods that have the highest police presence does lead inevitably to an overrepresentation of minorities when viewing crime statics as quantitativeRead MoreThe Sentencing Of African Americans1626 Words   |  7 Pagespopulation. (Henderson 2000). Slightly 15% of the inmate population is made up of 283,000 Hispanic prisoners. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, every third black male gets sent to prison at least once in his life. Males of color have a disproportionate number of encounters with law enforcement, indicating that racial profiling continues to be a problem. African Americans are twice as likely to be arrested and close to four times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters withRead MoreThe On The Tom Green County Juvenile Probation Resources Website1904 Words   |  8 Pagesextent due to the many regulations they have abide by. Disproportionate Although I was unable to determine the disproportionate minority contact (DMC) rate in Tom Green County/San Angelo, TX, I was able to find an overview and analysis done on the disproportionate minority contact (DMC) in Tarrant County â€Å"over a five year period (2009-2013)† (â€Å"Tarrant County Criminal Justice Community Plan†). The overview and analysis â€Å"identified several contact points in the Tarrant County Juvenile Justice SystemRead MoreToronto Star Conducted An Analysis On The Toronto Police1656 Words   |  7 Pagesgathered from police contact cards, from noncriminal encounters with the public. Includes details on appearance, age, gender, location, mode of transportation and skin colour. In 2003-2007, the police filed out 1.5 million contact cards with 1.1 million individuals. And finally the Field Information Reports (FIR) which Replaced MANIX and became the new storage for contact card data. FIR also provides details for the nature of the police co ntact. FIR has data that details 315,000 contact cards filled out

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Walter Benjamin The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical...

‘The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’: how has the reproduction of images changed the development of art? Identify three works of your choice to support your argument. This essay will start from Walter Benjamin’s consideration about the impact of mechanical reproduction of art as revolutionizing its social function and will describe the noticeable validity of his theory in the contemporary world. By introducing three artworks that belong to different historical periods, namely, the ‘Mechanical Head’ by Raoul Hausmann, ‘Furhead’ by John McHale and ‘Thirty Are Better Than One’ by Andy Warhol, the impact of photography and of the new technologies in contributing to the development of these works will be analysed. All†¦show more content†¦Raoul Hausmann, ‘Mechanical Head’: Benjamin defines the Dada movement as a clear example of the attempt to â€Å"create by pictorial – and literary – means the effects which public today seeks in the film† (Benjamin, 1968: 13). The reproducibility of art eliminates its uniqueness – its â€Å"aura† – in favour of an adaptation to the tools of modernity, transforming the role of the artist in the one of the engineer and his work in a construction. Haussman’s work moves between political criticisms, as he tries to exemplify in this head the example of the modern man, and scientific approaches, as he uses new technological techniques such as montage and photomontage as a tool for his art. John McHale, ‘Furhead’: This work is a representation of how mechanical reproduction of art leads to artworks that take the form of communicative gestures such as newspaper and demonstrates how art and non-art are interchangeable and how the role of the artist is not anymore defined by the art object itself. The shape of a face created through different fragments of magazines and postcards is a symbolic image of man that, as McHale sustains â€Å"matches up the requirements of constant change, fleeting impression and a high rate of obsolence† (McHale, 2011: 33). Andy Warhol, ‘Thirty Are Better Than One’: The last artwork is another example of how the modern world of repetition leads to theShow MoreRelatedThe Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin1263 Words   |  5 Pages While reading the article, â€Å"The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction† by Walter Benjamin, it is clear to grasp the idea being portrayed. The author is determined to prove to his readers how the advancement of humanity has led to drastic changes in how we create and perceive artwork. Mechanical reproduction of a work of art, however, represents something new. Historically, it advanced intermittently and in leaps at long intervals, but with accelerated intensity. One of the questionsRead MoreReaction Essay on Movie â€Å"Shadow Magic† and Article â€Å"the Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction† by Walter Benjamin.965 Words   |  4 PagesAfter reading the article on The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin, it gives a lot of things to think about art these days and how it should be, whether the thinking of Walter Benjamin is relevant to our age of society these days is a different part of the story but how he interprets art in the article is a totally different thing, so let us view a bit about his article. â€Å"Our fine arts were developed, their types and uses were established, in times very differentRead MoreDada vs. Walter Benjamin: What Value Does Dada Have in Context of Walter Benjamins the Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction?3101 Words   |  13 Pages------------------------------------------------- Unit 7. ------------------------------------------------- Dada Vs. Walter Benjamin: What value does Dada have in context of Walter Benjamins The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction? ------------------------------------------------- Martin Hannon ------------------------------------------------- Martin Newth ------------------------------------------------- B.A. Photography, Year 2. ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------Read MoreReaction Of Walter Benjamin And The Film Shadow Magic 915 Words   |  4 PagesResponse to Walter Benjamin and the film â€Å"Shadow Magic† â€Å"One might generalize by saying: the technique of reproduction detaches the reproduced object from the domain of tradition. By making many reproductions it substitutes a plurality of copies for a unique existence. And in permitting the reproduction to meet the beholder or listener in his own particular situation, it reactivates the object reproduced.† - Walter Benjamin, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (1936) Benjamin is sayingRead MoreThe Work Of Art During The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction1057 Words   |  5 PagesIn The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction (1936), Walter Benjamin examines the mechanically reproduced art in relation to the practice of politics and shows a positive attitude toward the mechanical reproduction in modern age. In The Culture Industry (1944), Theodore Adorno and Max Horkheimer who belong to the Frankfurt School same like Benjamin (although some scholars distinguish Walter Benjamin from the Frankfurt School) criticize the contemporary popular culture as a ramificationRead MoreRelationship between Mechanical Reproduction, Art and Culture754 Words   |  4 Pagesbe reflected in different forms of art because the marxist school believes that everything in a society is based on the current modes of production. A change to the mode of production will bring change to politics, law, philosophy, religion, and art. Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno and Walter Benjamin are three of the most notable critics of Marxism. They write about the production of cultural subject in capitalist societies, agreeing that reproduction of art has drastically changed due to mechanizationRead MoreArt and Reproduction: Joan of Arc Images Essay942 Words   |  4 Pages In the Wallach Gallery exhibition of Anna Hyatt Huntington’s sculpture (1876-1973), the viewer gets to discover different versions of the emblematic figure that is Joan of Arc, from small bronze medals, to much bigger works of art. A digital replication of the initial statue that was unveiled at Riverside Drive and 93rd Street in December 1915 is also available the public in the gallery. The success of the Joan of Arc – or The Maid of Orleans’s depictions results from the symbol that she fostersRead More Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction Essay3126 Words   |  13 Pagesmuseum of art, at any given time, and one could find an abundance of monumental names l isted on tiny plaques hanging next to even more recognizable works of art. The excitement felt by any art enthusiast when walking into these buildings of time and creation, is undeniable and especially unique. Could it be the atmosphere of the building, the presence of artwork, the people, possibly the grandeur of the space, or perhaps, could it be the spirit of the artists themselves, peering through the work theyRead More Reproducibility Of Man Essay1245 Words   |  5 PagesReproducibility of Man nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;When Walter Benjamin wrote The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction in 1969, I am sure he didn’t expect it to parallel the arguments of today’s discussions on the ethics of cloning. In the short shadow of the replication of Dolly the sheep, and five little piglets from Virginia comes the discussion on if this practice should really be allowed, and if so, what limits do you set? How can you look in the eyes of people who have

Romeo and Juliet Movie Comparison Free Essays

string(65) " lost a child the same age as Juliet, and also lost her husband\." In Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 version of  Romeo and Juliet, is a traditional adaptation of Shakespeare’s original Romeo and Juliet, with some variations. Baz Luhrmann directed the 1996 version, also known as the MTV  Romeo †  Juliet. This version is very modernized, but keeps the language intact with few changes. We will write a custom essay sample on Romeo and Juliet Movie Comparison or any similar topic only for you Order Now There are many differences between Zeffirelli’s  Romeo and Juliet  and the Signet version of  Romeo and Juliet. Romeo’s entire speech that begins â€Å"Alas that love, whose view is muffled still, Should without eyes see pathways to his will! † (at act 1 scene 1 line 174) is deleted. With the deletion of these lines, the audience, is not privy to his longing for Rosaline. Even though Friar Lawrence mentions Rosaline later in the movie, we are not shown Romeo as a boy whose heart is easily captured, but rather, ready to be caught. In Luhrmann’s version of  Romeo †  Juliet,  this scene, even though cut in some ways, is shown with Romeo writing in his diary. He talks of his love, but he does not seem like he’s in love, but rather a repressed adolescent or a typical teen. Romeo doesn’t confide later to Benvolio as in the Signet version. In the MTV version of  Romeo †  Juliet,  the Nurse’s role is cut considerably. Her speech about â€Å"weaning† Juliet, and Juliet falling with her first steps, and the reference to the earthquake are deleted. This is a major change because it completely changes the dynamics of the relationship between the Nurse and Juliet. We do not get the same sense of closeness between the two as we do in the Zeffirelli film. We also do not see the scene where the Nurse tells about Romeo’s banishment and Tybalt’s death. The reason for this is because of the speed of the film. Luhrmann keeps the pace of this film at very high speeds, and when you look back at the text, the Nurse’s role slows the pace considerably. She’s older, she’s slower, and she’s trying to extend her importance to Juliet and Romeo, but in the MTV Version, her role is cut drastically, which only contributes to Juliet’s isolation. In both movies, the presence of Paris at Juliet’s grave is discluded. This is probably for the better. While reading the play, it seemed like overkill, like just one more obstacle to prevent Romeo from getting to Juliet. Even though the audience know the outcome, they are still anxious to see Romeo get to her. Plus it helped keep the movies within two hours, give or take some. We also do not get the lamentation speeches from Juliet’s family after her fake death. Both films go straight to the funeral. The film allows directors to keep the audience from investing too much grief for the family by swiftly showing the funeral. The lamentation speeches of Shakespeare’s plays were needed, because they did not have the same visual choice that the filmmakers of today have. Romeo, being one of the protagonists of  Romeo and Juliet, is played very differently between Leonardo De Caprio and Leonard Whiting. While Leonard Whiting plays the typical adolescent to a tee, Leonardo De Caprio has much more depth and expresses his anguish in much more dramatic ways. For example, when Romeo being played by De Caprio is challenged by Tybalt he knows the consequence of his fighting and tries with all his might to prevent fighting with Tybalt, even though Tybalt is kicking his butt. We get the impression that he is truly trying to befriend him and make him understand that fighting should be left aside and that there will be great regrets. In Zeffirelli’s version, Leonard Whiting plays a younger spirited Romeo. When Whiting is challenged by Tybalt, he is playful and does try to prevent a fight, but it is more with playful words and not because he knows the consequence of the fight or duel. We also get the feeling that De Caprio is much more mature than Whiting. While Whiting plays a lovesick kid from an upper class family, he still appears to be naive and does not grow to the depths that De Caprio does. From the very beginning, De Caprio is seen as a street smart, savvy, mature young man. His writing in his diary shows us depths that does not show on Whiting, where he is only twirling a twig of flowers. The balcony scene is another scene that shows the differences between the two actors. In the ’68 version, Whiting is very childish and playful. He plays around in the trees while he’s waiting for Juliet. This reminded me of the young Kevin Costner in  Silverado  when he was swinging from the jail cell bars, showing his youth. He is also like a puppy, very young and immature; he seems unconcerned about his safety; he only has eyes for Juliet. We can see that is his only thought or concern. When he leaves we see him jumping and skipping, and once again we are aware of his youth. Leonardo De Caprio shows much more passion and desire. We do not get the sense of immaturity with De Caprio, but rather a sense of manhood. His eyes show deep desire, like he knows what she looks like naked. He also is very sure and thrilled, he is aware of the danger by his presence and takes caution to be careful. Whiting seemed oblivious to his danger. His only concern is his love and desire for Juliet. De Caprio is more aware of the consequences of their love; Whiting is only aware of his love. One of the most important relationships in  Romeo and Juliet  is the relationship between the Nurse and Juliet. In Act 1, Scene 3 we are introduced to the most vivid character of the play, the Nurse. With her speech that begins â€Å"Even or odd, of all days in the year, Come Lammas Eve at night shall she be fourteen. † (1. 3. 16-48), we learn that she nursed Juliet, she lost a child the same age as Juliet, and also lost her husband. You read "Romeo and Juliet Movie Comparison" in category "Essay examples" The Nurse’s role is very important to Juliet. The Nurse is the one that is there for Juliet, she is her confidant, she is her friend. This is especially important near the end of the play when Juliet realizes she is alone after the Nurse tells her to go ahead and commit bigamy and marry Paris. In Zeffirelli’s  Romeo and Juliet  the Nurse plays the role of the Nurse as it’s written in the play. She is affectionate; she is giggly, and loving. We see Juliet and the Nurse being openly affectionate with each other and can tell from this film that Juliet depends on the Nurse. This is especially so when Lady Capulet tells Juliet about the marriage to Paris. After Juliet gives her â€Å"I’ll look to like, if looking liking move† (1. 3. 97) speech, she looks to the Nurse for approval. After the Nurse smiles back at Juliet, we see relief and trust in Juliet’s eyes. In Luhrmann’s version of  Romeo †  Juliet,  we get a very different version of the Nurse, and a very different version of Juliet because of the changes. The Nurses speech about how she weaned Juliet and the reference to the earthquake are omitted. The affection that is so apparent in the Zeffirelli version is non-existent in the MTV version. This changes the character of Juliet considerably. She is perceived as more isolated and alone from the very beginning. We see her as a teen that does not have someone to confide in other than God. When the Nurse tells her to commit bigamy, we do not get the same sense of betrayal as we do with the Zeffirelli version. There Juliet was extremely pained and had to take a stand for herself, by herself, for the first time in her life. As the Nurse is Juliet’s confidant, the Friar is Romeo’s trusting friend. In the MTV version of  Romeo †  Juliet, Pete Postiethwaite plays a very different Friar compared to the 1968 version and the text. Pete Postiethwaite plays a tattoo bearing, Jerry Garcia-like horticulturist who is Romeo’s only confidant. Milo O’Shea’s version of the Friar is very sympathetic and caring. He only has the best of intentions in mind. Friar Lawrence is very important to Romeo. The Friar is the one who guides him and also picks him up when he is down. Even though both Friars are different in appearance and personality, I believe they both portray a very sympathetic, caring friend to both Romeo and Juliet. The Friar may ultimately be the one to blame, but he only led Romeo and Juliet because he believed their union would bring the feuding families together. I believe both played a regretful Friar when it all ended. The ’96 version shows Friar Lawrence frantically tracking the express letter. He is sweating and projects urgency into his voice, albeit his role in the church is omitted. In the ’68 version, when the Friar sees the Page outside the tomb, he frantically rushes to Juliet’s side. He is careful with Juliet but in the end must abandon her to escape blame. Once again Juliet is abandoned. The most dynamic conflict is between Tybalt and Romeo. Tybalt is not nearly as literate or well spoken as Romeo, plus he harbors much hate for Romeo. In both films we get the sense that Tybalt might be aware of Romeo’s and Juliet’s love during Capulets party, even though it is not played out any farther, but may be the fuel for Tybalt’s challenge. In Zeffirelli’s film, Romeo, Leonard Whiting, is oblivious to Tybalt’s challenge and when he is called a â€Å"Villain† he does not seem fazed, while Tybalt, played by Michael York, is extremely perplexed. He does not understand why he is not getting a reaction from Romeo. He came ready to fight, and when Romeo does not face his challenger, Tybalt tries to provoke Romeo by slapping his hand away and smelling his own, as if Romeo has a stench. But Romeo is still not provoked, and his friend Mercutio steps up to the plate for him. The fight between Mercutio and Tybalt is light hearted and playful. The crowd is laughing and cheering them on. The only one who sees the seriousness is Romeo, who is trying to stop them. Once Mercutio is killed, Romeo is fueled and goes after Tybalt. The conflict for Romeo is revenge for his friend’s death. The fight between Romeo and Tybalt takes on a much more serious tone; the crowd is no longer cheering and laughing. The anger and hatred show in both characters. They are fighting till the end. In Luhrmann’s version, Tybalt, played by John Leguizamo, is very much like a gang member whose mind is set on destroying Romeo. He appears much more dangerous and dark and looming. When Romeo, De Caprio, appears, he is instantly aware of Tybalt’s hatred and is concerned for both their safeties. Tybalt is determined to go after Romeo, whether or not Romeo wants to fight. When Romeo tries to shake his hand, Tybalt slaps it away and attacks Romeo from behind when Romeo starts to walk away. Romeo keeps yelling to stop, he does not want to fight, but Tybalt is relentless. It isn’t until Mercutio steps in that the scene changes to their fight and Mercutio’s death. Mercutio’s death is what fuels Romeo to fight and go after Tybalt. Romeo shows courage and hate, and he’s screaming at Tybalt. It is highly emotional and charged. Romeo is aware of his consequences if he goes farther, but Tybalt pushed him to the limit. Then he kills Tybalt. De Caprio instantly regrets his actions. The setting for Zeffirelli’s film is in classical Verona. The set has many domineering walls and tons of concrete. It gives the feeling of coldness. The only warmth is the balcony scene, with the trees and soft lighting. The setting keeps the audience’s attention on the actors and helps them to see the actors as Shakespeare may have directed them. In Luhrmann’s version, the town is called Verona, but resembles downtown Los Angeles more than Italy. The set is current and up to date. It did not try to recreate Shakespeare, but rather, to show how Shakespeare evolves. The physical location of this film helps to understand the story better. It uses our own experiences and our own visual setting, and even though the language is still hard to understand, the setting brings it all together. Luhrmann handles the death scene very differently from the text and Zeffirelli’s  Romeo and Juliet. Luhrmann’s version is much more intense and more tragic. It begins with Romeo, De Caprio, fleeing from the cops. There is a lot of action, with noise and intense music, to keep the audience in suspense. We even see the apothecary scene which is deleted from the ’68 version. When Romeo gets to the church he takes a man hostage before he enters the church. This also adds to the suspense. Once inside the church, and not a tomb, Romeo shows many of his emotions through his facial expressions. We can see the fear and foreboding in his eyes. The church is tacky with neon crosses and lights shaped as candles. When Romeo finally reaches Juliet, Claire Danes, he shows concern and anguish in his eyes over her death. He is crying, and the audience can see his pain. He lies next to her,   pets her and cries uncontrollably. We can tell he understands that death is final. Juliet begins to awaken from her self-induced sleep right as Romeo takes his deadly poison. We want Romeo to see Juliet is still awake, but he is too late. The look in his eyes as he becomes aware of Juliet is heart wrenching. It’s that realization that he has made a mistake. While Romeo is still alive, Juliet whispers her line â€Å"O Churl! Drunk all and left no friendly drop to help me after? I will kiss thy lips† This final kiss is so sweet and so desperate. If only Romeo saw Juliet’s hand move. Juliet’s choice of weapon in this movie is a revolver, rather than a dagger. She blows her brains out. In Zeffirelli’s  Romeo and Juliet, the scene is not changed much from the text, except we do not see Romeo, Leonard Whiting, go to the apothecary. As mentioned previously, the only omission is Paris as it is in the Luhrmann film; otherwise, it is true to Shakespeare. Romeo breaks the door of the tomb down with a rock. We do not get the same sense of urgency as we do in the MTV version. The tomb is dark and dingy and full of dead people. When he sees Juliet, Olivia Hussey, he is still very childlike and actually smiles. This gives the audience a sense that he does not realize the finality of death. He tries to awaken Juliet with soft, cooing words. He does not seem serious until he sees Tybalt, who is not present in the Luhrmann film. At this point, he makes his final speech and says good-bye to life. This is where we get the feeling that Romeo is finally getting it: death is the end, and there is no turning back. When he takes his last kiss from Juliet, he cries for the first time and does show anguish. In the Zeffirelli version, the Friar comes into the tomb right as Romeo dies. This scene is omitted from the ’96 version. The Friar sees the outcome of his actions. He takes responsibility for the fate of these children. When Juliet wakens he tries to protect her from the news of Romeo’s death. He pulls her gently away from where Romeo is lying. But he fails to protect her, and she finds Romeo all the same, at which point the Friar leaves. Juliet looks at Romeo with concern and confusion. She kisses him, and then cries like a child at the fact that he is gone and she is there. She kisses him all over his face; she does not want to give up, but then she hears a noise and finds the dagger. The final scene with them dead seems to embody them; they will be eternally beautiful. How to cite Romeo and Juliet Movie Comparison, Essay examples

Changing Tastes in Music free essay sample

Now Over the time, people have listened to different kinds of music. In the past, people used to listen to classic music. For example, our parents used to listen to folk music, classic rock or opera. Now, things are very different because our generation like to enjoy by listening club music, like house music or rock music. Why the music changed so much? Because our generation Is very dynamic and the technology progressed a lot. 50 years ago, the singers use to compose songs by musical Instruments, using only the natural sounds.Today, our singers use computers, machines and a lot of things Like that to make their music sounds good. For example, the rock music use artificial sounds made by electric guitars. Actually I think the old generation Is very unsatisfied because the old kinds of music are very soothing compared with the musical styles In our days. So, our parents dont understand why en love this dynamic music. We will write a custom essay sample on Changing Tastes in Music or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page We also dont understand their preferences because we live in different world and styles. Now, lets talk about an old kind of music and a rent kind of singer: The folk music is a traditional kind of music.The term folk music originated in the 19th century as a term for musical folklore. It has been contrasted with commercial and classical styles. Percy Grainier, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Bla Bart ¶k were the more appreciated composers and they were very popular. On the other hand, heavy metal is a totally different kind of music. With roots in blues-rock and psychedelic rock, the bands that created heavy metal developed a thick, massive sound, characterized by highly amplified distortion, extended guitar solos, emphatic beats, and overall loudness. The first heavy metal bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple attracted large audiences. In our days, many of this old bands are still listening to. So, their music in very popular. In conclusion, the music is very different because we want it to be different. Nobody Ml make kinds of music without an important popularity of that style of music. Changing Tastes in Music free essay sample Today, our singers use computers, machines and a lot of things like that to make their music sounds good. For example, the rock music use artificial sounds made by electric GU Atari. Actually I think the Old generation is very unsatisfied because the old kinds of music are very soothing compared with the musical styles in our days. So, our parents dont understand why we love this dynamic music. We also dont understand their preferences because we live in different world and styles. Now, lets talk about an old kind of music ND a current kind of singer: The folk music is a traditional kind of music.The term folk music originated in the 1 9th century as a term for musical folklore. It has been contrasted with commercial and classical styles. Percy Grainier, Ralph Vaughan Williams and B ©la Bartok were the more appreciated composers and they were very popular. We will write a custom essay sample on Changing Tastes in Music or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page On the other hand, heavy metal is a totally different kind of music. With roots in blues-rock and psychedelic rock, the bands that created heavy metal developed a thick, massive sound, hardhearted by highly amplified distortion, extended guitar solos, emphatic beats, and overall loudness.The first heavy metal bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple attracted large audiences. In our days, many of this old bands are still listening to. So, their music in very popular. In conclusion, the music is very different because we want it to be different. Nobody will make kinds of music without an important popularity of that style of music. So, think that we can listen anything and we can choose our selves what music to listen to.

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Penalty Rates Given Imposed By Government â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Penalty Rates Given Imposed By Government? Answer: Introducation The Caf Cartagena operated 10 hours on each Sunday and has 5 employees. The penalty rates given imposed by the government for working on Sundays are $40 per hour. This let the employees earn $400 each on Sunday. The cost of salary for the caf owners is 400*5=$2000. The others costs including coffee cups and electric charges are $500. The cost of coffee machines is $1000. All these summed up to derive the accounting or explicit cost of the caf. This amount fell when government reduced the penalty rate to $20 and that further reduced total accounting cost. The implicit costs are being the opportunity cost the firm undertakes for running the coffee shop on Sundays. The economic profit and accounting profit figure also changed and shown in the following tables. Total Revenue from sales per Sunday $12,000 Explicit Cost Wages to employees $2000 Other costs (Coffee cups, electric etc) $500 Cost of coffee machine $1000 Total Explicit Cost $3500 Accounting Profit (less Explicit Cost) $8500 Table 1: Accounting Profit (Before Cut) Total Revenue from sales per Sunday $12,000 Explicit Cost (After Cut in Penalty Rate) Wages to employees $1000 Other costs (Coffee cups, electric etc) $500 Cost of coffee machine $1000 Total Explicit Cost $2500 Accounting Profit (less Explicit Cost) $9500 Table 2: Accounting Profit (After Cut) Total Revenue from sales per Sunday $12,000 Implicit Cost Rent of coffee shop on Sunday $1500 Total sacrifice made from withdrawing cash from bank $400 Total opportunity cost of owning business over job $800 Total Implicit Cost $2700 Total Explicit Cost $3500 Economic Profit (less Explicit Cost and Implicit Cost) $5800 Table 3: Economic Profit (Before Cut) Total Revenue from sales per Sunday $12,000 Implicit Cost (After Cut in Penalty Rate) Rent of coffee shop on Sunday $1500 Total sacrifice made from withdrawing cash from bank $400 Total opportunity cost of owning business job $800 Total Implicit Cost $2700 Total Explicit Cost $2500 Economic Profit (less Explicit Cost and Implicit Cost) $6800 Table 4: Economic Profit (After Cut) The average total cost defines the per unit cost of production. This can be derived by dividing total cost by total units of coffee sold. At this point, we consider total cost to be total accounting cost hence ATC= TC/Q = $3500/4000 = $0.875 After the cut in penalty rate by the government the total accounting or explicit cost fell to $2500 that further reduced average total cost equals to $2500/4000= $0.625 The concept of sunk cost refers to the cost made in production that can not retrieved or recovered back by any means. This is similar to fixed cost incurred in any production with only difference being fixed cost is the payment made inform of investment or contractual deal and can have possibility to be revered with higher scale of production and sales that would generate more revenue and profit. Higher ale would die down the fixed cost incurred with falling average and total cost of production and service. This combined with higher revenue earned reaps higher profit and the fixed cost becomes recovered over time. However, sunk cost is different. It is more like onetime payment or cost incurred that have no possibility or scope to be recovered by means of production, sales or any strategies. In our case study, the Caf incurs explicit cost and implicit cost respectively. Before the cut in the penalty rate there has not been any sunk cost in the business since all the costs made for pa ying the salary of employees, other cost including electric, coffee cup etc, cost of coffee machine and the opportunity cost of selling coffee on Sunday in Cartagena. After the government reduced the penalty rate of working on Sunday from $40 to $ 20, the caf incurred lower explicit cost with implicit cost remaining same. This increased the economic profit and accounting profit both in terms of extra earning. This induced them to celebrate and for that they drew cash of $1000 which they never returned. Now this amount can be treated as sunk cost, because this cannot be retrieved back through the means of selling coffee that also under no action taken by them in order to sale more and earn more profit. Cartagena operates in an extremely competitive market. Due to that they can not increase the price per cup of coffee in the shop because they know doing so will reduce the consumers of their service and that can be drastically low up to zero also. However, the owners have the ability to sell any number of coffees at the prevailing price of $3.00 per cup of coffee. This leads to elastic demand curve since for one unit increase in price no matter how small, the change in demand is infinitely large and falls to zero making the slope of the demand curve infinite and it looks like horizontal line. Due to operating in highly competitive market, they knew that they wont be able to make any changes in prices since that would lead to greater fall in the demand ultimately incurring loss. But they had the opportunity of increasing sales up to any units more than they did on each Sundays. Operating at their full capacity they were able to sell 4000 cups of coffees per Sunday. When the government reduced penalty rate it reduces accounting cost of the firm and increasing the economic profit than before. At this point they could hire more employees since per employee salary cost now reduced to half of the amount incurred previously. Utilizing the lower penalty rate, they could easily higher more and sell more to earn more. But they did not do so. Apparently, their decision might seem irrational but they actually took good decision. To justify this it can be highlighted from the case study that they were operating at full capacity. No matter how much more they employ, it was not possible to earn more if the capacity was not expanded. To extend and expand the capacity of production business plan and larger cost would have to be incurred. Moreover this takes time too since it is long run concept. Therefore, their decision was perfectly right as per my analysis. References Baumol, W. J., Blinder, A. S. (2015).Microeconomics: Principles and policy. Cengage Learning. Fisher, F. M., Shell, K. (2014).The Economic Theory of Price Indices: Two Essays on the Effects of Taste, Quality, and Technological Change. Academic Press. Nicholson, W., Snyder, C. M. (2014).Intermediate microeconomics and its application. Cengage Learning. Rios, M. C., McConnell, C. R., Brue, S. L. (2013).Economics: Principles, problems, and policies. McGraw-Hill. Shephard, R. W. (2012).Cost and production functions(Vol. 194). Springer Science Business Media. Shepherd, R. W. (2015).Theory of cost and production functions. Princeton University Press. Varian, H. R. (2014).Intermediate Microeconomics: A Modern Approach: Ninth International Student Edition. WW Norton Company. West, D. C., Ford, J., Ibrahim, E. (2015).Strategic marketing: creating competitive advantage. Oxford University Press, USA.